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What is the W2040 Panel?

A W2040 Panel will be a group of community representatives who will come together to learn about what information the broader community shared in Phase One; what current strategies and opportunities exist; and to develop and recommend a set of goals and priorities for the W2040 Community Plan.

The approach provides a way for ‘everyday citizens’ to collaborate and recommend the long term goals and priorities for Warrnambool’s future to Council and other partners to the W2040 plan.

The panel will comprise approximately 120 participants that are a mix of selected and self-nominated participants; all with a common interest or connection to the Warrnambool community. Approximately 40 panel positions will be filled by members of Council’s Community Advisory Committees and Youth Council, and the remaining 80 or so places will be filled by people who express an interest in being part of the process.

How do I apply to be on the Panel?

Submit Your Expression of Interest

Expressions of interest close at 5pm on Monday October 2, 2017.

If you prefer, you can collect a printed Expression of Interest (EOI) Form from the Civic Centre, 25 Liebig Street Warrnambool.  Hard copy EOI forms must be returned to Customer Service Team at the Civic Centre before 5pm on Thursday September 28 to be considered.

How will the W2040 Panel be selected?

The selection of panel members from the Expression of Interest process will be based on a set of demographic measures from the ABS Census 2016, which have been determined by Council. The recruitment process aims to establish a panel which reflects the Warrnambool community. If there are several applicants who meet specific demographic characteristics, the required number of people will be randomly selected.

What will the People’s Panel involve?

Council wants community members to:

  • hear what other community members have said they value now and wish for the future
  • discuss the future challenges and priorities for Warrnambool
  • make recommendations regarding the goals and priorities to be included in the W2040 community plan.

To do this, a full day workshop is planned. To be eligible to participate, you must be able to commit to attending the whole event on Saturday 21st October from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

There will be catering provided and if needed childcare, translation and/or other support services can be provided.

Participants will be provided with information designed to increase their understanding of the key themes which, along with facilitated discussions at the event, will enable a set of recommendations from the community to be presented to Council for consideration.

Do I need to have any expert knowledge to participate?

No. The ‘expertise’ we are looking for is that you care about, and are interested in the future of Warrnambool - including but not limited to the neighbourhood you live, work or invest in.
These workshops are an opportunity to learn more about the community planning process, as well as providing your informed feedback.
What will I be expected to do?

In addition to attending the planning forum, you will be asked to review information on one or more of the themes (Environment, People, Place, Economy), and to consider the community input received as part of the W2040 process in Phase One.

Councillors, other community members, or other experts may attend the workshop as observers.

At the forum, you will be asked to:

  • listen to information from expert presenters
  • discuss and listen to the perspectives and views of other participants
  • contribute to the development of recommendations by the group

The workshop will be guided by an independent facilitator to ensure an effective and meaningful process.

How will I be expected to conduct myself?

In agreeing to be a part of this process you will be required to prepare for, attend and participate in the planning forum.

You will be expected to arrive on time, and remain for the duration of the session, or if you are unavoidably delayed to communicate with the Panel contact person.

You will be expected to take advantage of the background information provided before the event to learn as much as you can about the issues to be discussed, to treat all people in a respectful and courteous manner, and allow others to express their views.

You will be expected to help create a comfortable environment for these conversations – by having an open mind and being prepared to consider alternative views.

What influence will my participation have on the Council’s future decisions?

The panel’s recommendations will be presented to Council, and will include your name as a member of the W2040 Panel.

The collective recommendations from these workshops will be considered for inclusion in the draft W2040 Plan and will be responded to by Council.

Can I share about what I learn and what happens at the planning forum?

Yes. Talking to your family and friends about this project is encouraged, and you will be able to share and consider the information with them, to help them to understand the challenges being faced in relation to planning for Warrnambool’s future.
Please remember, the W2040 Panel operate as advisory only to Warrnambool City Council, and no member of the group is authorised to speak to external third parties on behalf of Council.

If you are contacted by an external third party, such as the news or media, it is expected you will refer these contacts on to the group facilitator, or to a contact person at Council.

W2040 Planning Panel FAQ