Warrnambool 2040: our plan – our future


On the 21st October 2017, the W2040 Panel developed and recommended goals and a set of priorities to be included in a draft W2040 Plan which will be available in early 2018.

The Panel’s goals and priorities are available on the relevant page of this website or can be downloaded here

You can also watch W2040 Panel members present their goal and priorities for their allocated theme ((ENVIRONMENT, ECONOMY, PEOPLE, PLACE) on the relevant page.


What is Warrnambool 2040?

Warrnambool 2040 (W2040) will be a long term community plan for the future of Warrnambool*. It will capture the community’s values and priorities for the next twenty years.

W2040 will define the kind of environment, economy, place and community our residents would like Warrnambool to have in the future. The W2040 Plan will guide the actions of Council, other local organisations and influence all levels of government.

* Warrnambool is used to describe the whole local government area of Warrnambool City, not only the city itself. The term Warrnambool includes the communities of Dennington, Woodford, Bushfield, Allansford and the other rural areas within the municipality.

How will Warrnambool 2040 be developed?

Developing a plan for Warrnambool 2040 will involve an extensive process that provides as many people as possible an opportunity to be involved and express their opinions.

W2040 will involve one of the largest community conversations ever undertaken in the City. The engagement process has been designed to engage individuals, groups and organisations that have an interest in the municipality and its future. It will be an opportunity for residents to get involved in planning for and influence the future of the City.

The plan will be developed in three stages:

Phase 1 (April to June 2017) will raise awareness and understanding of the Warrnambool 2040 plan and capture local aspirations for Warrnambool in the future. Learnings from Phase 1.

Phase 2 (October 2017) involved a community led process to develop goals and priorities.The recommendations of the W2040 panel for each theme (ENVIRONMENT, ECONOMY, PEOPLE, PLACE) are available on the pages of this website or can be downloaded here

Phase 3 (Early 2018) A draft community plan will be released for community and partner input.  The draft will detail the goals and priorities for Warrnambool 2040 and will also identify partners and how progress on the plan will be monitored.