What have we heard so far?

Thank you for joining the conversation about Warrnambool as a place to live, work and play over the next twenty years.

The plan will be developed with 3 stages or phases of community involvement and input.

In Phase One we received an overwhelming community response, with more than 2000 people sharing their views about Warrnambool they love as a place to live, work and play now; and what they would like to see change for the future.

Click Here to for a Summary of Phase One engagement findings

The Phase One findings were presented to the community at a briefing on the 1st August 2017. To watch the presentation click the video link below.

How we engaged you:

  • Active Hubs across 13 locations
  • Warrnambool NOW & 2040 survey - 1283 responses received
  • Wish for Warrnambool survey - 496 responses received
  • Briefings at meetings
  • Conversation toolkits – 42 received
  • W2040 website – 4,474 page views
  • Facebook – reached 100,000 +
  • At Fun4Kids & Vacation Care Program

How we let you know about the process:

  • Fliers in rate notices
  • Project post cards
  • Posters
  • Social media campaign
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Print articles
  • Radio interviews
  • W2040 BIG letters on the Green
  • Direct emails