Warrnambool | A City for Living

Warrnambool has accessible, high-quality public spaces and facilities

Warrnambool has well-designed commercial, residential, cultural and recreational precincts that are attractive, activated, accessible, sustainable, multiuse, safe and well maintained. Public spaces, infrastructure and facilities are always designed to be accessible for everyone and encourage social connection by providing activities to suit all ages and abilities. Warrnambool is memorable for its unique places, public art and sense of identity.

2040 Outcome

Warrnambool’s population is accommodated within a compact city which has high quality commercial and public places and regional-level community facilities which are accessible to all residents.

Warrnambool has high-quality, regional-level arts, cultural and recreational facilities which are activated and programmed to meet the needs of the whole community and to attract visitors.

Warrnambool’s vast network of open space is valued, protected and enhanced and is recognised as vitally important for Warrnambool’s residents and visitors.

Warrnambool’s public spaces are thriving with activity and investment by the public and private sectors and the community.

Warrnambool’s high community facilities and assets are well maintained and there is an agreed a strategy for renewal which is and funded to ensure their sustainability

The changes we want by 2026

  • Warrnambool’s City Centre Renewal Project is complete.
  • All residents have high-quality, public places/facilities/ infrastructure within their local areas (800m).
  • The assets renewal gap for community/recreational/ social facilities and infrastructure has been addressed and all assets are maintained to maximise the benefits for the community.
  • Masterplans for Lake Pertobe, Brierly and Botanic Gardens have been implemented and new plans have been developed.
  • Warrnambool recommendations in the Great South Coast Regional AFL, Cricket and Netball Strategy have been implemented.
  • All Council Strategies to improve Warrnambool’s public places have been funded and implemented.
  • Warrnambool has a network of integrated community facilities as recommended in the Warrnambool Community Services Infrastructure Policy and Plan 2014.
  • The Warrnambool community is planning for a new art gallery that meets expected museum and gallery standards.
  • Government, local businesses, philanthropic trusts and residents invest resources to create high quality public spaces, new street art and sculpture, and attractive, usable spaces across the city

Short Term Initiatives

  • Take and support action to make Warrnambool a more Child Friendly, Age Friendly, and Welcoming City (using accepted standards and frameworks).
  • Facilitate development plans and legislated financial contributions to enable sufficient funding/provision for open space, infrastructure, construction of recreation and social spaces and essential community facilities.
  • Council will secure funding and implement the following:
    Playspace Strategy
    Asset Renewal Strategy
    Open Space Strategy
    Active Warrnambool Strategy
    Community Services & Infrastructure Plan
    Lake Pertobe, Brierly and Botanic Gardens Masterplans
    Coastal Management Plan
    The Neighbourhood Project /Community led Place-making Initiatives
    Disability Action Plan 2017-2026.
  • Advocate for timely funding and delivery of community and social infrastructure projects.
  • Encourage and support clubs, groups and individuals to undertake place-making and other community projects which enhance the sense of place, ownership and identity.