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Small actions make a BIG difference to Warrnambool's future!

Warrnambool 2040 (W2040) is the community's long-term vision for the future.

W2040 was developed through an extensive community-led process over a two-year period.   

The Plan captures the community's aspirations for the future of Warrnambool via four visions and nineteen goals which cover Warrnambool’s Environment, Economy, Place and People.

The development of W2040 anticipated the requirement under the new Local Government Act (2020) for each municipality to have a community vision that was to have a scope of at least a decade; that described the community's aspirations and which had to be developed through a deliberative engagement process. 

Thousands of residents and hundreds of clubs, groups, schools, businesses and community organisations shared their ‘Wishes for Warrnambool’ and their aspirations for the future of the City. The plan is owned by the community and the W2040 Network partners, with support for collaboration and project communication by Warrnambool City Council.

Download the W2040 Plan here