One of the main aims of the W2040 community plan will be to create conditions where everyone living in Warrnambool can enjoy better health and wellbeing.

It is important to acknowledge that the health and wellbeing of Warrnambool’s people will not improve simply by increasing the provision of health services or imposing public health solutions from ‘above’.1

Creating a community which supports healthier choices and provides access to healthier environments – for families, workplaces, schools, sports, arts, and on-the-ground as well as online communities - are critical to improving outcomes for people.  Strong, committed and productive partnerships across sectors and settings are also an essential ingredient to addressing inequity and improving health and wellbeing over time.

Like most of the world, Australia and Warrnambool in turn, has an ageing and increasingly urbanised population and ever-widening inequities – geographic, socioeconomic and educational disadvantages and disparities are growing.
These factors that have already, and will continue to contribute to progress and development – globalisation, urbanisation and advances in communications technology2 –also make us more susceptible to sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets and risky behaviors, and exacerbate the socio-economic disadvantage between the ‘haves and have-nots’.

We are in an era of disruptive change: changing economies, global connectivity, big data and ever-present social media, bring new ways of communicating, recreating, different employment models and new opportunities in education. These changes pose a mix of exciting prospects and risks in our community.

Warrnambool’s shared ambitions as captured in the W2040 Plan need to consider the new opportunities and technologies available to support and empower Warrnambool’s people to make healthier lifestyle choices, continue to be socially connected and take action to create the healthiest and most equitable community in the future.

Goal: Warrnambool will be a city for all people

 PRIORITY 1: A welcoming and inclusive city

Warrnambool will be an inclusive and welcoming community that embraces all residents and visitors, and encourages those with diverse backgrounds, ages and abilities to participate in the community. Warrnambool will reflect and celebrate its diverse cultures, beliefs and heritage.

PRIORITY 2: An active and connected community

Warrnambool will be a community which has safe, welcoming and accessible places designed to facilitate diverse social, cultural and physical opportunities. It will provide environments which support and encourage active living and meaningful social connection.

PRIORITY 3: A healthy place

Warrnambool will make health a priority with accessible and affordable physical and mental health services, recreational facilities and opportunities, including for those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.

PRIORITY 4: Value our Aboriginal identity

Warrnambool will proudly embrace and respect Aboriginal culture, knowledge and heritage.

PRIORITY 5: A learning community

Warrnambool will have learning opportunities for people of all ages and stages of life, to improve knowledge, skills and local resilience.