Warrnambool is a great place to live, with an abundance of public open space, vibrant shopping and retail centres, and well-planned neighbourhoods.  Warrnambool in 2040 will continue to grow on its strengths, and consolidate its place as a one of Australia’s most liveable Cities.

GOAL: Warrnambool will be a great place to be

PRIORITY 1:  Our place is welcoming, liveable and thriving

Warrnambool will be a great place to live, work and play at every stage of life. Built and natural places will be welcoming, accessible, safe, clean and community-focused.  Warrnambool will have well-designed precincts which support business, work, recreation, health, arts, culture and education for all people.

PRIORITY 2: Warrnambool will make provision for all to live

Warrnambool will provide affordable and varied options for housing to meet the needs of the community through all stages of life and diverse lifestyles. It will offer a mix of housing, facilities and recreation to support diverse and inclusive neighbourhoods.

PRIORITY 3: Warrnambool will be an active and accessible city for all modes of movement

Warrnambool will be one of Australia’s great walking and cycling cities. Residents, workers and visitors will have easy access to the many activities available within the municipality. Walking and cycling will be an attractive option for everyone to safely get around. Warrnambool will give top priority to walking by providing a connected, accessible and good-quality pedestrian and cycle network, supported by a pleasant and safe built environment.

PRIORITY 4: Warrnambool will have connected open spaces

Warrnambool will provide abundant public open space for its diverse population. Through good design, our public open spaces will be accessible, safe and well-connected, and provide a variety of activities and uses to suit the needs of all abilities and age groups. Our public open spaces will be designed to support and enhance the natural environment and biodiversity

PRIORITY 5: Warrnambool will have quality public spaces and facilities

Warrnambool will offer public spaces and facilities that are well designed, activated, sustainable, adaptable, multi-use and safe. Public spaces will be designed to facilitate social connections by encouraging diverse activities for residents and visitors in an open and welcoming environment. Warrnambool will be an attractive and pleasant place to be, including public art and other visual points of interest.