Warrnambool | A City for Living

Warrnambool will embrace digital innovation and technological change

We will take the lead in digital innovation and build local capacity to embrace new technology

2040 Outcome

  • People living in and around Warrnambool have flexible work and enjoy the option to work globally from the City.
  • People who work based in Melbourne and other places are able to work from home or from suitable shared work spaces in the city.
  • There is a vibrant digital technology sector that employs an increasing range of professional, creative and technical staff.
  • New and existing services are available that help the community and business build their digital capacity including public libraries, and community and adult education providers.

The changes we want by 2026

  • Local Business and Industry groups, the IT sector, and tiers of government have partnered to source funding and programs that meet the changing digital economy knowledge needs of business.
  • Use of internet to conduct business continues to increase (Source: Biannual Business Confidence Survey).
  • Residents (and especially young people) have increased awareness of the opportunities to work in the digital economy locally.
  • Warrnambool’s Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020 has been implemented, reviewed and updated.

Short Term Initiatives

  • Work together to develop a Digital/Smart City Strategy.
  • Advocate for funding deliver digital infrastructure needs.
  • Develop a business case for a new business incubator/accelerator to support existing companies and new start-ups.
  • Build digital capability in the community to increase uptake of new technology into the city’s existing products and services.
  • Partner to deliver programs and partnerships that attracts business and community to embrace and leverage new technology.
  • Council and Partners will implement and support:
    Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020.
    Warrnambool Destination Action Plan
    Great South Coast Food and Fibre Action Plan
    Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism Strategic Plan.