Warrnambool | A City for Living

ZERO WARRNAMBOOL - Demonstrate innovative, solutions to achieve zero net emissions for a renewable future.

Using contemporary ideas and technologies, we will be innovative and bold, working collaboratively on smart solutions. We will build our city and its transport systems for a sustainable future. By 2040 we will have zero net greenhouse gas emissions and our energy needs will be met from renewable sources.

2040 Outcome

Warrnambool will have Zero net greenhouse gas emissions. Warrnambool’s energy is sourced from renewable sources.

Warrnambool is a “20 minute City” with a fully connected and comprehensive pedestrian and bicycle path system through the municipality.

Vehicular transport is approaching 100% fuelled by renewables.

No neighbourhoods are car-dependent. All have alternative transport options to daily destinations.

Warrnambool has continuous loops of off-road walking and cycling trails along all waterways and the coast.

Most children walk or cycle to school most days. Most adults walk or cycle for transport daily

The changes we want by 2026

  • Warrnambool will reduce its citywide emissions by 20%
  • Warrnambool will pave the way for a Zero Net Carbon Housing Development.
  • Warrnambool will source 20% of its citywide energy from renewable resources.
  • Warrnambool will have at least 1 micro-grid set up and operating.
  • 25% of residential properties will have solar PV systems.
  • Community Energy Program implemented.
  • Principle Pedestrian and Principle Cycling Network Plans (including off road trails) have been developed and recommendations are being implemented.
  • The proportion of residents walking or cycling to school and work has significantly increased (doubled) since 2017.

Short Term Initiatives

  • Develop and implement the Warrnambool Zero 2040 Plan outlining costed targets and transition pathways.
  • Green Futures Program implementation: Support for households and businesses to facilitate improved energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and reduce costs.
  • Investigate opportunities for loan finance to accelerate uptake of solar PV, battery storage and Electric Vehicles.
  • Develop Warrnambool Renewable Futures Project with key industry partners to investigate large scale renewable energy investment opportunities.